AUDI AG Future of Mobility Practicum

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The Audi AG Future of Mobility Practicum seeks America's brightest young minds to help shape the future of transportation and urban living.

This 6-week practicum gives twelve students the opportunity to put their ingenuity and practical education to the test at AUDI AG headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany in 2014.

Creating tomorrow's Truth in Engineering

The opportunity

Find the next innovative ideas in design, engineering and computer science that solve common global problems in transportation and urban living.

What it is

Twelve students will be chosen for a 6-week workshop at Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany during the summer of 2014.

Two standout participants will be given the coveted chance to bring their ideas to life in an internship with the Audi Technical Development team in 2015.

Congratulations to the Winners

Taosif Alam, Arizona State University
Kenneth Behrman, University of Minnesota Duluth
Molly Coffman, University of Texas at Austin
John Doyle, University of Pennsylvania
Martina Merlo, University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Midura, University of Texas at Austin
Brian Nam, Boston University
Justin Olson, University of Minnesota Duluth
Alex Patow, Boston University
Damien Watson, Miami University
Shelby Wiedrich, University of Texas at Austin
Edward Wu, University of Pennsylvania

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